Vegan     & Cruelty free
Vegan spirit of time:

Pflanzenfresserin- ausLiebe und Verantwortung gegenüber Tieren, Menschen und der UmweltVegan for the love of humans, environment and animals!
Princess Maja von Hohenzollern is herself a vegan and is committed to a vegan lifestyle.
Vegan means for our carpets were not used any animal ingredients, so no animal wool, no angora, no cashmere, no feathers, no silk, no sewing threads made of silk.
Only vegetable textile dyes without animal ingredients are used (such as cochineal, which is generated from ground or boiled female cochineal lice).
For herbal products no animal needs to suffer and they are much more climate-friendly than animal products.
The better eco-balance of vegan products is among other things:
  1. In factory farming, vast amounts of feed are fed
  2. The water consumption for animal products is extreme: With the water consumption for one kilogram of meat, one could shower daily for a whole year. (Source: Worldwatch Institute)
  3. Feed is today largely derived from genetically modified plants. Feed crop production is the main reason for the spread of green, agricultural, genetic engineering and all its risks.
    The effects of animal production are now placing a greater burden on the climate than the entire transport sector, including aircraft.
    It is important to Princess Maja that no animal had to suffer for her rug collection, so only materials without animal origin were used.
A vegan lifestyle could save millions of people and children from starvation.
For the production of 1 kg of beef requires about 20 000 liters of water and about 16 kg of grain.
If you would give these resources directly to people, you could provide so many people with food that there would be no more famine in the world. If only the world grain quantity, which is currently fed to animals, were fed to humans, approximately 3 billion more people could be fed.
For the production of only 1 kg of beef also about 50 square meters of rainforest are destroyed and generates more Co2 gas than in a 250 km motorway ride.

In Germany alone almost 800 million land creatures are killed each year, plus billions of sea creatures. The rearing of animals in animal factories is cruel and an ecological catastrophe.

Since people are more aware of their responsibility to all living beings and the environment, vegan products are the great trend of the decade in many areas of life.