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Maja Prinzessin von Hohenzollern presents ROYAL BATH collection at M.O.W. fiar in Germany

The ROYAL BATH Collection by Maja Prinzessin von Hohenzollern was a real highlight at the M.O.W. trade fair in Bad Salzuflen.
Exclusively for the well-known bathroom furniture heartseller "puris", Maja Prinzessin von Hohenzollern presented her bathroom furniture collection there, which met with great national and international interest.
"I am very satisfied and happy about the great response to my ROYAL BATH Collection," says designer Maja Prinzessin von Hohenzollern, whose stand was very well visited by numerous customers of the trade fair during the 4 days.
Maja Prinzessin von Hohenzollern was particularly pleased that her ROYAL BATH Collection was equally well received by women and men and was perceived as an innovative design line with a unique selling proposition.
The Princess's royal bathroom furniture collection, which consists of two different design lines and stands for innovative, stylish design, also met with great interest internationally.
Among the interested customers were dealers from Spain, Guatemala, Italy, Romania, France, Croatia, Poland, Portugal, Hungary and Asia.
ROYAL BATH -Collection by Maja Princess von Hohenzollern /puris
A day can hardly begin more beautifully than to pamper yourself in the morning in the bathroom with a truly royal lifestyle and make yourself beautiful like a princess!
This dream can now come true, because Maja Prinzessin von Hohenzollern has designed the trendy "ROYAL BATH Collection" exclusively for the renowned bathroom furniture manufacturer puris.
The design-affine "ROYAL BATH Collection" by Maja Prinzessin von Hohenzollern consists of the series "Diamond"-Line and "Urban Loft".
It is addressed to people who value modern and stylish design furniture that is equipped with the most modern comfort. Modern soft-touch mirrors with perfect selfie light show that this collection meets the spirit of the times!
The "ROYAL BATH" collection is a real highlight in the bathroom and the small, personal luxury that everyone should indulge in in order to take care of themselves in style.

""Diamond-Line" is a truly noble design line!
It combines geometric diamond patterns with retro "hairpin feet".
The design appears modern, light and warm. The feel of the diamonds is elegantly accentuated on the matt surface. The golden handles set royal accents.

""Urban Loft" combines a puristic, royal design and is reminiscent of the cool lifestyle in lofts as found in modern metropolises.
The fronts with chrome decor accents are an authentic loft element.
Glass surfaces in contrast to matt silver furniture feet offer an exciting style.
A special highlight are the original coat-of-arms handles made of metal.
They take up the stringent design and give the bathroom a discreet royal touch.
High-quality pull-outs with soft-close technology and surface mirrors with emotional lighting lend the bathroom series upscale luxury.
The black and white design of both bathroom collections combines classic elegance with the modern zeitgeist of tomorrow.
The ROYAL BATH Collection by Maja Prinzessin von Hohenzollern will be available in specialist shops from November 2018 under the successful puris / b -collection brand.
Collection: http://www.b-collection.de/prinzessinvonhohenzollern
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Interview Princess Maja von Hohenzollern at Loveunityvoice /Canada

Thanks to Racine Hiet!
Founder of online magazine, LUV4All: Vegan Peace Movement for a New World.
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Interview with Princess Maja von Hohenzollern in US-Online-Magazine Thriveglobal.com

H.H. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern had an interview with Marco Derhy for his popular column "5 things.." at Thriveglobal.com. The online-magazine "Thriveglobal.com" was founded by Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post) and is read by the top leaders of USA.
Thriveglobal Interview:
#PrincessMajavonHohenzollern #DehryEnterprises #Authoritymagazine #medium
#MajaPrinzessinvonHohenzollern #Thriveglobal #AriannaHuffington #Interview #Design #5things #MarcoDerhy #USA #Design #Interior #PETA #Vegan #HomeDecoration #Carpets #Trixie #Goebel #Puris #Badmöbel #animals
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Interview with H.H. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern at US-Online -magazine medium.com/Authority-Magazine

Marco Derhy leaded the interview with H.H. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern for the US-online -Magazine medium.com/authority-Magazine.
The online-magazine has more than 120 mio. unique users and is read by top leaders in the US.
Authority Magazine Interview:
#PrincessMajavonHohenzollern #medium #authoritymagazine
#MajaPrinzessinvonHohenzollern #mediuml #Authoritymagazine #Interview #Design #5things #MarcoDerhy #USA #Design #Interior #PETA #Vegan #HomeDecoration #Carpets #Trixie #Goebel #Puris #Badmöbel #animals #Yitzi Weiner
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Home Decoration Collection "Chateau" by Princess Maja von Hohenzollern (Goebel) at Karstadt and Kaufhof

The Home Decoration collection "Chateau" by Princess Maja von Hohenzollern (Goebel) is now also available at Karstadt and Kaufhof. A particularly attractive sales area has been decorated in the Kaufhof on Alexanderplatz in Berlin/ Germany.
The "Chateau" collection "consists of a trendy "Black & White line "and the "Princess Dogs line" with various dog motifs on pastel colors.The designs are decorated with fine accents in gold and silver and made of the highest porcelain quality ,
In addition to cups, plates, beautiful large vases, mirrors, trays, wall clocks and elegant champagne glasses, the product range also includes decorative lamps.
The collection is also available online:
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Interview with Princess Maja von Hohenzollern in "Weiberkam in the CIty".

The magazine "Weiberkram in the city" did an interview with Princess Maja von Hohenzollern and reports on her new Home Decoration collection "Chateau" by Princess Maja von Hohenzollern (Goebel).

#Weiberkraminthecity #MajavonHohenzollern #Goebel #HomeDecoration #Interior #Porcelain #Lamp #Vase #Cup #Dish # Glasses #Mirrors #Furniture #Trend #Style #MiddleTable #PrincessDogs #Dogs #Black #White #Black #White #Dots #Stripes #Diamonds
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Interview of Princess von Hohenzollern in the vegan business magazine "Vegconomist".

In the vegan business magazine "Vegconomist", Princess Maja von Hohenzollern reports about her new vegan carpet collection, about being the first to receive the coveted "PETA APPROVED VEGAN" certificate for her collection and what she thinks about further vegan cooperation.

#vegconomist #Economy #Maja #PrincessofHohenzollern #Vegan #Rugs #PETA #PAV
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Princess Maja von Hohenzollern in jury for the election of the "German Hat Queen"

In the beautiful city Lindenberg in the Allgäu/Germany, where the "German Hat Museum" is located, was held for the 29th time the election for the "German Hat Queen". Approximately 6000 visitors came in the best of weather, with hats, to the Town Hall Square and pursued the traditional choice. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern was part of the top-class jury, which consisted of Mayor Eric Ballerstedt, the director of the German Hat Museum, Angelika Schreiber and Manfred Jordan, CEO of the company Mayser and the hat designer Nicki Marquardt from Munich.
As Princess Maja von Hohenzollern herself is a designer for Hats & Fascinators and likes to wear hats, she was predestined for this task. Of course, she wore a hat from her own collection in the trendy Black & White trend. After several rounds, in which the candidates presented themselves and were critically interviewed by the jury, the " German Hat Queen 2018" with 24-year-old Vanessa Höss was determined.
#MajaPrincess ofHohenzollern #Hut # Hutkönigin #Jury #Voice #Lindenberg #Hutmuseum # Allgäu # VanessHoess #Hat #Fascinators #HatQueen #Museum #Fashion #Headpieces
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PrincessMaja von Hohenzollern receives Honorary Certificate in Romania

In Pitesti, Romania, Princess Maja von Hohenzollern was officially honored with honors as "Membru de Onorare", as honorary member of the organization "Eduxanima" by Dr. Carmen Arsene. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern has been traveling regularly to Romania for many years and is involved in animal welfare projects there. She also meets politicians, was already in the parliament in Bucharest and spoke in front of the European Parliament.
For her commitment Maja Princess von Hohenzollern was honored with important international awards.

#Maja von Hohenzollern #Pitesti # Romania #Eduxanima # Honorary Certificate #Education #Ehrung #HonaryMember #Animal protection
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Princess Maja guest of honor at big gala in Romania

On the occasion of the two-year anniversary of the "Eduxanima" program in Romania, Princess Maja von Hohenzollern was guest of honor at the jubilee gala with 800 guests in the cultural center in Pitesti/ Rumania. "Eduxanima" is an educational program that teaches animal welfare at schools and was co-founded by Princess Maja von Hohenzollern. For the past two years, animal welfare education has now been successfully completed as a compulsory subject in Romanian schools and represents a milestone in animal welfare. Against the background that in Romania in particular millions of stray dogs were killed in an extremely brutal manner, even before the eyes of children, it is important to educate children with empathy and respect for animals. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern expressed in her speech how proud she is of the "Eduxanima" program and that Romania is a shining example because it was the first country to introduce animal welfare classes as a compulsory subject at schools. The Princess especially thanked Dr. Carmen Arsene and Andra Arsene, who are actively leading the program in Romania, and the Romanian School Board, which supports the innovative project. PETA Kids provides comprehensive school material for "Eduxanima". Among the guests were 500 children who are all participants in the program and presented some cute show acts..#MajaPrincess ofHighlighters #Eduxanima #Gala # Anniversary # Romania #Pitesti #School #Children #Education #Animal Protection #Petitive Education #PETA #PETAKids
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