Princess Maja von Hohenzollern provides an answer to the housing shortage and presents sustainable modular homes with EH40 certification!

Designer Princess Maja von Hohenzollern ("Who is Who International Design Award 2022", "Designer of the Year 2020", "Asia Design Award Gold") presented her Modular Homes designed by Maja Prinzessin von Hohenzollern at the NEW HOUSING trade fair in Karlsruhe and is hitting the nerve of the time, because the feedback is overwhelming.
"We are overrun with enquiries," says Princess Maja. Private people as well as holiday resort operators and cities/municipalities are among the interested parties.
Even Germany's best-known stock market expert Mick Knauff came to the presentation and was enthusiastic.
The Modular Homes by Princess Maja von Hohenzollern not only impress with their bright, modern design, but are also available from 30 m2- 300 m2 , can be flexibly extended,
comply with the new EH40 energy standards, are sustainable, affordable and available internationally at short notice.
They are even the first vegan Modular Homes on the market, free from animal suffering.
At € 2000/m2 they are very price-conscious and affordable.
The futuristic Modular Homes were designed by Princess Maja von Hohenzollern to be adaptable to any stage of life.
Each Modular Home has an efficient modern floor plan that offers the highest level of living comfort and can be extended with additional rooms if required.
Because life changes, children are born, you need a home office, you want a hobby room, your elderly parents move in with you or you want to emigrate.
The individual living modules can be placed next to each other or on top of each other.
Whether as a full-fledged home for the whole family or as a small holiday home, modular living offers many options.
In addition to a bright conservatory, a shower with a view of the sky and a fully equipped kitchen, the Modular Homes even offer a roof garden with a sauna, for relaxing sunbathing, barbecuing with friends and growing your own vegetables.
In keeping with the motto "My home is my Modular Castle", a carport that matches the design and a chilled-out pavilion fulfil luxurious living needs.
Innovative, natural materials such as paulownia wood, Recysta , insulation made of hemp and the latest cellulose walls create a very healthy, calming indoor climate that is also suitable for allergy sufferers.
A great advantage of the Modular Homes by Princess Maja von Hohenzollern is that they are intelligently designed so that they can be transported internationally in a cost-efficient way!
If you move house, you never have to look for a new house again, because the Modular Homes can always move with you.
The dream of owning your own home can come true immediately, because the Modular Homes by Princess Maja von Hohenzollern are ready for immediate occupancy!
This saves nerves and money, because there are no long construction phases and no double burden with rent!
The Modular Homes are manufactured by the company Immoflow Haus GmbH.
Information at: http://www.yourhome247.com
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Life saver- Princess Maja saves man's life

On the occasion of an animal welfare project to rescue street dogs, Princess Maja visited Hungary and went for a walk with some dogs along a river.
Some other people and a cyclist were also there.
When she brought the dogs back she had a strange feeling about the cyclist. Intuitively, Princess Maja decided to turn around and have another look.
She ran back to the river and saw the bicycle lying on the ground on a small bridge, but no man. She looked down from the bridge and saw the lifeless man floating face down in the river.
Maja Princess of Hohenzollern jumped into the river, which had a water temperature of 8 C, and pulled the man to the bank. He must have been drunk and fallen off his bicycle into the river.
He showed no reaction and his face and hands were blue.
Princess Maja rolled the man onto his side, knocked on his back to free his lungs, spoke loudly to the man and performed cardiac massage.
After some time, the man began to gasp and breathe again.
A cyclist passing by then called the ambulance and it later picked up the man.
Princess Maja stabilised the man (60 years old) in the meantime, held his hand and talked to him.

A very emotional experience also for Princess Maja, who is happy that she was able to save this man's life.
Princess Maja has made this event public to encourage other people to help people in need and not to take a video or photos for social media first! Also, everyone should brush up on their first aid course, because saving lives is important!
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Princess Maja von Hohenzollern meets Hungarian Minister of Animal Welfare

Princess Maja von Hohenzollern, together with Hungarian animal welfare activist, met with the Minister of Animal Welfare Peter Ovadi at the Ministry in Budapest.
They discussed the introduction of animal welfare education in Hungarian schools, as well as neutering and adoption programmes to rescue and control the population of street dogs. The abolition of killing stations is also an urgent concern for which Maja von Hohenzollern has been working for many years in animal welfare and with her "Heart for Strays Foundation".
Princess Maja pleads for the legal recognition of animals as living beings, because this would be a milestone in animal protection, which would also make crimes against animals more punishable under criminal law.
Animal Protection Minister Peter Ovadi was very open and cooperative. He clearly said that Hungary wants to become a leading nation in animal welfare. That is a good step!
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Princess Maja presents vegan toys that promote the adoption of street animals and the recognition of girls at the world's biggest toy fair in Nuremberg

Designer Princess Maja von Hohenzollern has created an autobiographical collection with a genuine heartfelt message exclusively for licensing partner JOY TOY. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern designed the "Adopt me" soft toys based on her own dogs and cats, all of which she rescued and adopted from the streets and from kill shelters.
Josy, Micky, Gino, Minni, Pauli and Spotty are 4 adorable plush dogs and 2 plush cats that really exist! Princess Maja has written the true stories of their rescue as a book that comes with every plush animal in the set.
Because many street animals are abandoned, the stuffed animals symbolically sit in a box with the message "Adopt me" on it.
Children and parents are to be encouraged to give animals from the street or the animal shelter a loving home.
Princess Maja von Hohenzollern is one of the best known international animal welfare activists and has been campaigning for the rescue of street animals for many years.
Princess Heart Order for little girls! Recognition for girls.
Following the example of real medals, Princess Maja von Hohenzollern has designed enchanting rings, necklaces, pendants, hair ornaments, treasure boxes and lamps with a Princess Heart Order. Because for Princess Maja, all girls deserve a Order of the Heart and recognition! Girls are often not seen as role models because in fairy tales the strong knights and dragon conquerors are portrayed as heroes.
The "Princess Heart" collection by Princess Maja von Hohenzollern sets an example for the appreciation of for girls.
The "Princess Heart" toy collection by Maja Prinzessin von Hohenzollern (JOY TOY) is PETA APPROVED VEGAN and free from animal suffering.
Available at Amazon , Mytoys etc.
https://www.amazon.de/stores/page/6B7095FA-24FA-45D6-8668-9C4E34B1E1B5?ingress=2&visitId=02482faa-b340-4b4c-9864-f3c6a1449c51&ref =ast bln
https://www.linkedin.com/posts/princess-maja-von-hohenzollern-b8300321 princessmajavonhohenzollern-adoptmepets-toys-activity-7026647822254977024-diIt?utm source=share&utm medium=member desktop
https://www.infranken.de/lk/nuernberg/nach-zwei-jahren-pause-nuernberger-spielwarenmesse-startet-mit-high-tech-und-vielen-klassikern-art-5631892# image3941508
https://www.swp.de/wirtschaft/spielwaren-warum-maja-prinzessin-von-hohenzollern-pinke-baufahrzeuge-entwirft- -im-gespraech-mit-der-suedwest-presse-68940867.html
https://www.imago-images.de/fotos-bilder?suchtext=Princess+Maja+von+Hohenzollern&suchselect=&datum1=&datum2=&datumsbereich=01.01.1753&premfil=&ausrichtung=alle&ausrichtung=hoch&ausrichtung=quer&ausrichtung=quadrat&release=alle&thumbsAnzeige=off&gal start=1&tokenName=orDyPeMKFO&tokenValue=lhZEl5v2uTjJgEQ7c6DgiL1IGNj5ej62GZGw5TyQZEDHCeaDVKg3prRZKQMYY8Nn
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COVER Story Princess Maja von Hohenzollern at WELT VEGAN MAGAZIN

Princess Maja von Hohenzollern graces the cover of the Christmas issue of "Welt Vegan Magazin" including a 4-page interview story. In it, she talks about her life as a designer for sustainable living, her commitment to animal welfare and reports on her latest project!
Thank you for the great cooperation!
PRINT +Online available.

https://www.linkedin.com/posts/princess-maja-von-hohenzollern-b8300321 princessmajavonhohenzollern-weltveganmagazin-activity-7008476971521183744-uXry?utm source=share&utm medium=member desktop
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Princess Maja von Hohenzollern at "Life Stories with Marc Hoberman" /USA

In the US-talk-show "Life Stories with Marc Hoberman" Princess Maja von Hohenzollern speaks about her life, her work as a designer and her commitment to animals and animal welfare.

Marc Hoberman is a bestselling author, motivational speaker, educational consultant, and talk show host. Marc is the founder of Grade Success Education, and author of a book about Overcoming Adversity, which was recognized by WCBS Radio as the Top Human-Interest Stories of 2017. Marc, along with his co-author Dr. Kas Henry, wrote the #1 International Bestseller The Resiliency Playbook. Marc is also the co-founder and COO of The Evolvolution Initiative, along with his partner and CEO, Janol “Mecca” Holmes. Their documentary, The Evolvolution Initiative, produced by Supernatural INC, debuted on TUBI TV in early 2022.

Princess Maja von Hohenzollern joins the successful energy pioneer B4H Green Energy SE as a shareholder!

Co2 neutral energy systems with which one can independently generate and save electricity are the future and, in view of the rapid increase in energy costs, are in tune with the times.
B4H Green Energy SE is one of the market leaders in the field of innovative energy systems for heating, cooling and electricity generation.
The performance of the company, which has already grown by over 1900% in 2020/2021 compared to the previous year, has continued to grow strongly in the current year
and has already doubled its 2021 turnover as of 31/07. This impressive growth demonstrates the huge demand for energy efficient energy systems.
Government subsidies of up to 45% also make the switch from fossil to renewable energy systems affordable and attractive for consumers.
The company B4H Green Energy SE is currently preparing for its IPO in the third quarter of 2023.
This also convinced Princess Maja von Hohenzollern, who as an entrepreneur and innovative designer for interior and furniture has been involved with sustainable living for years.

"The VISSOLAR energy systems from B4H Green Energy SE are a future-proof innovation and immediately excited me.
Galloping energy costs and supply insecurity have become a major burden for many families as well as businesses.
That is why we need innovative, C02-neutral energy systems so that people and entrepreneurs can once again rely on affordable energy.
Above all, I was convinced by the broad applicability to all types of buildings, from old buildings to multi-family houses and new buildings to commercial properties.
The VISSOLAR energy system is space-saving and uncomplicated to install. It offers up to 100% energy authenticity.!" says B4H Green Energy SE new shareholder Princess Maja von Hohenzollern.
B4H Green Energy SE has developed a unique and award-winning hybrid solar system that simultaneously generates electricity AND heat and even cools in summer.
It thus offers a major advantage over conventional solar or photovoltaic systems, which can usually only produce either hot water or electricity.
In addition, the VISSOLAR hybrid solar system - which consists of a solar heat pump, solar hybrid collectors, a highly efficient buffer and battery storage - achieves a significantly higher energy self-sufficiency of up to 80%.
By using an electricity cloud, this can even be increased to 100% energy self-sufficiency and thus offers significant relief for private households as well as for commercial enterprises.
It is ideal for use in new buildings, renovation and existing properties and works for underfloor heating and radiators.
Another advantage of the VISSOLAR Hybridsolar system is that it can prevent snow and ice from forming on the roof collectors in winter.
This ensures - in contrast to conventional photovoltaic modules - that the system can be used all year round.
Surplus electricity can even be used to charge an electric vehicle or heat a pool.
Karolina and Wolfgang Balthasar, founders of B4H Green Energy SE :" We are happy that we could win Princess Maja von von Hohenzollern as an active investor who supports us in our international development."
More info for investors and people interested in Vissolar at https://vissolar.com/hohenzollern/
https://www.linkedin.com/posts/princess-maja-von-hohenzollern-b8300321 b4hgreenenergy-vissolar-princessmajavonhohenzollern-activity-7004068360594317312-KcQE?utm source=share&utm medium=member desktop
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Gala of the

Princess Maja von Hohenzollern was awarded the prestigious "Who is Who International Award-Women Leader" in Greece in the categories "Design" and "Animal Welfare". She is a successful designer and licensed brand for furniture, bathroom fittings, home accessories and children's toys whose collections are on sale internationally.
Previously, Princess Maja von Hohenzollern was honoured as the best designer in Asia with the "Asia Design Award Gold" in Shanghai/ China and as "Designer of the year 2020" with the Powerhouse Global Award in Uk.
For many years, Princess Maja has been committed to the protection and rescue of street animals. She lives with almost 20 animals herself, all of which she has rescued and adopted from the streets and from kill shelters.
In her designs, she combines her profession and vocation by making her product lines all vegan and free of animal suffering.
She launched the world's first PETA vegan-certified bathroom fittings collection, "Royal Bath" by Princess Maja von Hohenzollern, as well as vegan furniture, children's furniture and toys, and is represented in 80 countries.
In her speech at the award ceremony, she emphasised the importance of treating animals with love and respect and of leading a vegan lifestyle in which no living creature is exploited or killed.
Under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Development and Tourism, the Who is Who International Award has been presented for several years to international personalities for special achievements in the field of creativity, ethics and entrepreneurial merit.
The award in the form of a marble sculpture was designed by the famous Greek artist Odysseas Tosounidis.
The gala award ceremony took place at the noble Lake Vouliagmeni near Athens with about 300 distinguished guests, among them Nobel Prize nominee Prof. Dr. Milan Krajnc, HE Sir Dr. Ian Peter Anderson (CEC Crown Imperial Group, International Human Rights Community), Penny Grivera (CEO Rituals Cosmetics), H.R.H. Prince Nereides de Bourbon, Kostas Sommer (Hollywood actor)
Princess Maja von Hohenzollern visited the shelter "Save a Greek Stray" in Greece and promoted the neutering and adoption of street animals. In addition to dogs and cats, the shelter also looks after donkeys and rescued horses.

https://www.huffingtonpost.gr/entry/who-is-who-international-awards-vraveia-anadeixes-eryoe-kai-prosopikotetas gr 62e12012e4b0a6852c3e98f5
https://www.papadakispress.gr/index.php?option=com netphoto&task=view article&art id=31389&cat id=3
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Princess Maja von Hohenzollern Expert at the Queen's funeral on BILD TV

On the occasion of the funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Maja von Hohenzollern was an expert guest in the studio of BILD TV. She is very knowledgeable about the history and connections in the nobility and commented competently on the programme. The Queen's funeral was watched on television by billions of people worldwide.
The House of Hohenzollern is related to the English royal family through Queen Victoria.

https://www.wz.de/nrw/queen-elisabeth-ii-hier-laeuft-das-staatsbegraebnis-im-tv aid-77050763
https://www.saarbruecker-zeitung.de/nachrichten/panorama/beerdigung-queen-elizabeth-im-tv-staatsbegraebnis-im-fernsehen-ansehen aid-76995251
https://rp-online.de/panorama/adel/queen-beisetzung-uebertragung-im-tv-so-berichten-die-fernsehsender aid-76724983
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Great honour, Princess Maja von Hohenzollern receives prestigious "Who is Who international Award" for design and animal welfare in Greece

For her design achievements and also her long-standing commitment to animal welfare, Princess Maja von Hohenzollern is awarded the renowned "Who is Who International Award Women Leaders" in Greece.
The award ceremony is under the patronage of the Greek Minister of Tourism and was initiated in 2007 by Dimitrios Goris (President) and Vicky Papageorgopoulou (Vice-President). The award in the form of a sculpture by the well-known artist Odysseas Tosounidis honours international personalities for their outstanding commitment in various categories.
It will be awarded in a festive gala at the end of September in Greece / Lake Vouliagmeni.
Further award winners:
• H.E. Salman Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Minister of Finance and National Economy of Bahrain
• Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon, Founder of the Parisian couture house
Nereides and financial strategist
• HE Sir Dr. Ian Peter Anderson, President & CEO - Crown Imperial Group, International Court of
Justice, International Human Rights Community
• Simona Mancinelli, Managing Director of Premier Capital Hellas
• Penny Grivea, Managing Director at Rituals Cosmetics UK & IE
https://www.linkedin.com/posts/princess-maja-von-hohenzollern-b8300321 activity-6959910441246445569-qXC8?utm source=linkedin share&utm medium=member desktop web
https://www.linkedin.com/posts/princess-maja-von-hohenzollern-b8300321 whoiswhointernationalawards-whoiswhogreece2022-activity-6952657306870243328-TaLG?utm source=linkedin share&utm medium=member desktop web
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